20 mph limit – we are very nearly there

The Isle of Wight Council announced today that it has used a delegated decisions notice stating that main roads through Godshill are to be 20 mph.

Whilst the parish council and the local councillor, Rodney Downer, supported the lowering of the speed limit, it was opposed by the police. However council officers claim they dealt with the points of objection raised by the police.

The costs involved in setting up the 20 mph limit are listed as £12,537.64 and will be paid by the Isle of Wight council.

You can read more about this on the On the Wight website – CLICK HERE.

1 thought on “20 mph limit – we are very nearly there”

  1. Colin Mansell

    One small step on paper, one giant leap in reality! TWO months have now passed and still no news as to when the 20 mph limit will be in place through Godshill. Hopefully it will be with us before next July.

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