65 years ago today – Godshill Railway Station closed

On 15 September 1952, 55 years after opening, Godshill Railway station on the Ventnor West line, saw its last every service.

In the final months leading up to the closure of the line which ran from Newport to Ventnor West, there were more passengers than ever seen before as rail enthusiasts arrived in droves to get a final ride on the line.

Closure had been coming for some decades as revenue from the line dropped dramatically with the arrival of the omnibus services which were far more convenient. Godshill was downgraded from a manned station to an unmanned halt in 1927.

The station buildings still exist as a private residence and holiday accommodation. They are to the west of the village beyond the sharp bend where West Street meets Whitwell Road.

CLICK HERE to go to a YouTube video of a journey from Ventnor West. Godshill Station appears very briefly after about 56 seconds.

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