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All Saints, Godshill – become a bell ringer!

Godshill’s church bells are a wonderful sound and it would be great to hear them more often. Now is your chance to give it a go! Check out the information and videos about bellringing and how you can join the current band of ringers at All Saints – CLICK/TAP HERE to jump over to their website.

Did you know, bell ringing is fun and …

  • for young people (10yrs+)and adults of all ages – individuals, couples, families or groups it’s for all faiths & none (and you don’t need to be musical, mathematical or strong)
  • enjoyable & satisfying – experience new achievements
  • a gentle workout – physical exercise with mental stimulation – burns calories, tones muscles and relieves stress
  • an easy way to make friends – enjoy social activities and be part of a team and community
  • inexpensive – and be paid ringing for weddings!
  • boosts soft skills: teamwork, leadership, co-ordination, concentration, listening and analytical
  • an all-weather, year-round activity which fits in with your other commitments
  • full of variety – a centuries-old skill using new technology- with endless choices & places to visit
  • makes your community’s soundscape: Sunday services, weddings & special events
  • produces a fabulous emotion-stirring sound for people to enjoy
  • it’s the ultimate Heavy Metal: Church bells are the loudest* (unamplified) and heaviest musical instruments in the world … and they’re metal!

* ringing chambers are usually sound-proofed for safe noise levels

CLICK/TAP HERE to find out more

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