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Church Hill planning application – IoW planners meeting next Tuesday

It has just been reported in the County Press that the controversial application for houses at the foot of Church Hill is to be discussed in the Isle of Wight planning officers meeting which starts at 4pm on Tuesday 5th March.

CLICK HERE to go to the planning application.

The developers began their planning journey on this site back in 2017 when they stated that they planned to build 5 homes. Some 40 or 50 local residents attended the parish council monthly meeting at that time and were unanimously and vociferously against the plans.

The IoW planners eventually turned this application down.

Following this came an application for two houses. Whilst there was opposition from the parish council and a few residents, lack of publicity of the plans saw no residents turn up at the parish council monthly meeting.

The IoW planners approved the application for the two houses.

This current application is for a further, larger house to be built behind the two for which they currently have approval. Besides the parish council being firmly against this application, Island Roads have stated that it should be refused saying:

“The proposals envisaged in this application have implications affecting the highway network and therefore I recommend refusal based on the following grounds:-

Generation of Traffic – onto classified road

The proposed development would be likely to lead to increased use of the existing access to the classified road A3020 School Road and would add unduly to the hazards of highway users and would therefore be contrary to Policy DM2 (Design Quality for New Development) of the Isle of Wight Core Strategy.

Having followed this series of applications over a couple of years, one has to wonder if the developers always intended to build 3 houses and so have danced rings around the planners and the residents to achieve their objective.

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