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Does Godshill need a Community Centre?

The Trustees of the Village Hall (charity number 1049206) have called a public meeting of residents of Godshill to consider the future provision of a new Community Centre.

The meeting will be held at 7:00pm on Monday 11th June 2018 in Godshill Methodist Hall.

They sold the Village Hall back in February 2017 (for £100,000) and a small group of folk have met monthly to discuss what should happen next. So, 16 months later they are having a public meeting!

Although this group publish no minutes or record of their meetings, it is believed that they are considering a new building in place of the dilapidated changing rooms in the dingy corner of Central Mead. Rumour suggests they fancy something similar to the now aging pavilion in Rookley.

Whilst a relatively small amount of money might be available as grants, it is likely that the residents of the parish would have to foot the bill, through council tax, for a many hundred thousand pound loan to the Parish Council.

Have you noticed many people jumping up and down over the last year because we lost the parish hall?

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