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Emergency services attend incident on Godshill High Street

Emergency services, including fire engines, ambulances, air ambulance and police were called to an incident at 3:25pm this afternoon.

The incident occurred in the garden of a property in the middle of the High Street.

One person was treated and transferred by the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service to a waiting helicopter and airlifted to Salisbury District Hospital for treatment. According to Emergency Services, this person came into contact with an electrical cable that had been severed in the garden.

The road was clear by 4:15pm.

1 thought on “Emergency services attend incident on Godshill High Street”

  1. Colin Mansell

    At the Parish Council Meeting held on 3 June, Councillor Nigh raised an issue with regards to this news item, and I quote, from the (draft) minutes:

    “Miss Nigh commented on the coverage that a recent incident involving an ambulance
    (dealing with a serious injury to a local resident) had received on the website named
    godshillonline. The coverage was seen by all as unfortunate and intrusive and it was
    agreed by all, that residents should be aware that the content of this website has
    nothing to do whatsoever with the Parish Council.”

    We do not regard this report as unfortunate or intrusive and should be compared with the report in the Island Echo (https://www.islandecho.co.uk/man-sustains-serious-burns-after-cutting-through-electricity-cable/) which clearly identifies the specific property and also includes a photo taken in the back garden of that property. Have they been chastised as well? Any other opinions?

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