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Free wild fruit – pick your own – in Godshill

The mini heatwave we are being promised in the coming weeks should see the well-stocked bushes along a popular Godshill footpath give us an even larger harvest of wild fruit than usual.

Blackberries and Elderberries are in abundance along footpath GL57 which runs south from Hollow Lane, alongside The Griffin and up Tottle Bottom valley to the beech woods.

The path is well maintained by the landowners and this year they have had further assistance from John from Sandown. John is retired and spends much of his summer time travelling on the bus to local footpaths helping to keep them clear – as his hobby! John’s family have lived in Sandown for many generations.

Please remember that this and all footpaths are for pedestrians only (no horses or bikes) and that they are a right of way over private land – please keep to the footpath!

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