Godshill 20mph limit – signs to be installed next week

Our IW Councillor Rodney Downer has fought for over 5 years to achieve a 20mph limit through the centre of Godshill. Whilst it was confirmed that this would happen some months ago, nothing has appeared.

In an e-mail to a local resident, Ian Middleton, Road Safety Engineer at Island Roads, stated that it was his expectation that the 20mph limit would come into force by the end of next week, just ahead of the schools half-term.

It is to be hoped that those who regularly drive through Godshill will make a special effort to respect this limit, even when there are few human obstacles to be seen. Many do not realise that vehicles, travelling at anything above a crawl, passing within centimetres, not metres, cause damage to our old buildings which are so close to the road.

Historic England report that whilst the conservation area of Godshill is in a fair condition it has medium vulnerability and the trend is deteriorating.

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