Godshill 20mph speed limit gets the go ahead

A blanket 20mph speed limit is to be introduced in Godshill.

The move, follows a plea from residents concerned about pedestrian safety, particularly given the number of tourists walking through the village during the summer and the lack of pavements.

County Councillor for Godshill & Wroxall, Rodney Downer says:

“The new speed restriction has been introduced following a long campaign by residents and the local Parish Council, who I have supported and worked with throughout the process.
“A 20mph limits is appropriate in Godshill, which has particular issues due to its popularity as a tourist destination and because as there are few pavements in the main part of the village, meaning that visitors and residents alike are forced to walk on the road in places.
“I hope that the new speed limit will mean that people walking through Godshill can feel safer and that local businesses will also benefit from this recognition of local wishes which has been worked towards over the last five years.

In addition to the High Street, roads affected include parts of West Street, Church Hill, Church Hollow, Hollow Lane, Newport Road, School Crescent and School Road.

CLICK HERE to read more in the Isle of Wight County Press.

CLICK HERE to read the full delegated decision report.

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