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Godshill Park Farm – free range meat

Orders are now being taken for free range meat from delicious, rare breed hogget (lamb).

This Castlemilk Moorit meat is reared on the farm with love by Kathy herself, taking full advantage of our gorgeous Isle of Wight fresh air and grass. The meat is very lean with a fine grained texture.

As Kathy says:

“Try some and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a far more tasty product than that which you can buy in a supermarket. Modern commercial sheep breeds produce rapid weight gaining lambs that are often fatty and devoid of flavour, but not our sheep. Our lambs spend at least a year to eighteen months slowly maturing in the fields at Godshill Park Farm. They gain weight and muscle mass progressively whilst enjoying a happy life in a natural environment. This produces a high quality and superbly flavoured meat.”

Reasonably priced at £60 for half or £110 for whole lamb. The meat is butchered and vacuum packed. Half lamb comprises a leg joint and a shoulder joint, some chops and mince or breast and neck fillet. Half lamb weighs approx 7.5 kg.

Please contact Kathy by email or call 01983 840781.

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