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Godshill to disappear from IoW ward map

The final ward map for the Isle of Wight has now been published. All of the wards have names relating to the towns or villages in their location, except one! There has been a substantial re-arrangement in the south-centre of the island and the old ward of Godshill and Wroxall is no more.

There is to be a new ward called Central Rural incorporating Godshill, Chillerton, Rookley, Blackwater and Merstone. It loses Wroxall which now becomes part of a new ward called Wroxall, Lowtherville & Bonchurch.

So, why can’t they be consistent and give Central Rural a real name? I guess they thought Godshill, Chillerton, Rookley, Blackwater & Merstone was a bit of a mouthful! So, why not just call it Godshill and be done with it?

We could then also have a single parish council with 12 members for the whole of Godshill, Chillerton, Rookley, Blackwater & Merstone rather than the ineffective small parish councils currently existing.

2 thoughts on “Godshill to disappear from IoW ward map”

  1. Avatar

    No this is not for you to decide thank you very much you have no right all, there has been no consultation either

  2. Colin Mansell

    Not who’s decision? The Boundary Commission conducted three phases of public consultation and created new boundaries for each council division across the Isle of Wight. I assume they also came up with the new names. Perhaps the Isle of Wight Council might take up the naming with the Boundary Commission.

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