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Godshill’s Bodster – the final push – please vote Bodster now

You have until noon on Monday, less than 48 hours, to place your vote and do your bit to help. By voting for Bodster CIC’s ‘Whispering Ponies’ project you may be able to make a real contribution to the health and wellbeing of the growing number of islanders in residential homes and day care centres.

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This ‘Whispering Ponies’ project is the only Isle of Wight project to be nominated in this year’s People’s Projects, which sees ITV Meridian and The National Lottery team up to give the public a chance to decide how National Lottery funding should be put to good use in their local area.

Success will mean that Bodster will be able to significantly extend their equine therapy sessions for older people and begin a process of helping those still at school to understand the effects that dementia has on the old.

The ‘magical’ element of this project lies in the identification that those most affected by dementia or social isolation appear to be those least able to get out of their homes to go and visit the ponies. The solution lies in being able to transport these sensitive New Forest ponies to the homes and centres and for the ponies to actually go inside, in some cases, even to sufferers bedsides. The major part of the funds would go to providing the transport for the ponies.

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Jo Boddington, of Bodster CIC, said:

This is an exciting opportunity to raise awareness and support for our work and, with your help, to secure further much-needed funding.

We urge local Island people to get behind us. If successful, our project will make a real difference to the work of our local community based in Sandford, Godshill, and by visiting more homes throughout the island we will be able to expand our reach and respond to the island communities’ requests.

We want to develop inter-generational activities by engaging younger volunteers and school children who come to general sessions in being involved with people with dementia.

We want to break down barriers using their common love of the ponies.”

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Michael Lilley, IOW Councillor, said:

“It is wonderful news that an Isle of Wight project is a finalist in the Meridan TV Awards.
Bodster CIC is an amazing community project which helps so many especially those with dementia, learning difficulties, mental health issues, and young people in care. I have seen it in action and seen them work with individuals that have not responded well to other forms of therapy but responded amazingly to the Bodster ponies. They get amazing outcomes for the most marginalised in our community and deserve to be finalists and win.

Please vote for them and circulate this message to as many others as possible. If they win, the Island will gain much needed funding.

It is important to note that over the years Isle of Wight Council has supported Bodster through grants from Community and Adult Education and they always over exceeded their outcomes so IW Council should highlight Bodster as a project of Excellence. We can share in their success. I am so proud they are finalists.

Please vote for them”

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