New and inclusive play park for Godshill – petition

Nikki Collinson-Phenix has started a petition to ISLE OF WIGHT PLANNING DEPARTMENT

Please CLICK HERE to sign the petition NOW!

In Nikki’s own words:

“We want able bodied and disabled bodied children to be able to play together. We want those children whose disability you may not see to enjoy the space, the nature and the sensory equipment. We want new friendships to be formed and new memories to be created. We want friends to be able to play together regardless of any challenges they may face. We want those that visit our village to come back time after time, because they love it so much!

“Our village needs this, and this project is part of a bigger project and vision to create a new community hub including a new village hall. But phase one is to get our village a play park to be proud of.

“We want residents all around the island to want to jump in their cars because they want to bring their kids to Godshill. We want our kids out enjoying the fresh air, having a break from TVs and computer games. We want to play our part in combating childhood obesity.

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