New Year’s Eve – enjoy yourselves and let the bus get you home to Godshill

This year, Southern Vectis is urging New Year’s Eve revellers at bars and restaurants across the island to leave their cars at home.

Backing Hampshire Constabulary’s anti-drink driving ‘Operation Holly’ campaign they’ll be operating a New Year’s Eve night service and standing by for a rise in passenger numbers.

Services on Route 3 back to Godshill after midnight are as follows:

Buses from Newport Bus Station at 00:35, 01:45 and 02:50
Buses from Ventnor Boots at 00:38, 01:13, 02:13 and 03:33
Buses from Shanklin Bus Station at 00:23, 01:01, 02:01 and 03:21
Buses from Sandown High Street at 00:13, 00:51, 01:51 and 03:11
Buses from Ryde Bus Station at 00:30, 01:30 and 02:50

CLICK HERE for all New Year’s Eve Bus services.

“It is our business to transport people across the island – so it stands to reason that we’ll be encouraging people to take the bus,” said Southern Vectis general manager, Richard Tyldsley.

“But the reasons for Hampshire Constabulary’s anti-drink driving campaign are very real. Throughout the party season, they will be conducting operations specifically aimed at those who may still be over the limit the next day.

“Drinking while out at a party and then choosing to drive – even hours later – poses a real threat to life. We’re not saying that people should drink to excess just because they’re not driving. For those who want to stay safe this New Year’s Eve, taking the bus is a convenient and cost effective option.

“We would like to wish all of our customers a peaceful and prosperous New Year.”

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