Newport Congregational pilgrimage to Godshill Methodist Church

As a Church, Newport Congregational Church is off on a pilgrimage today. They are returning to Godshill to reflect, worship & learn like their original Congregation did back in 1662.

They, as a congregation, were ejected from the Church of England in 1662 and, as a result of the introduction of the 5 mile tolerance act (the minister was forbidden to teach within 5 miles of his former place of employment), had to walk the 5 miles to Godshill in order to worship.

So, like them, the modern day Congregation is coming to Godshill where the friendly folk of the local Methodist Church are accommodating them between 2-4pm, as they celebrate their 355 year church anniversary.

Join them between 2pm and 4pm for an act of worship, lecture and afternoon tea. All are welcome.

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