Police alerted following vehicles break-ins in Godshill

Many residents in School Crescent and Moor View woke up on Monday morning to find that thieves had broken into their cars, caused damage and stolen any loose and valuable items. Police have been alerted.

The thieves sifted through their loot as they made their getaway, discarding items without value as they went.

There have also been reports of thefts the same night in adjacent villages including Whitwell and Arreton.

We have an opportunity next Monday to canvas our Parish Council to raise the issue with the police. Everyone who can, should attend the Parish Council meeting on Monday – Methodist Hall 7:30pm and bring all the details of what happened Sunday night to the attention of the four parish councillors.

In case you aren’t aware, they lost 2 of their 6 councillors last month and there will be an election to replace those two shortly.

It has to be remembered that although Parish councils have limited powers to make decisions, they do have the ability to negotiate with, and the power to influence, those other organisations that do make the final decisions (such as the IoW council, NHS, police etc.). In this respect parish councils are extremely powerful. We need our parish council to understand our real concerns and get two new councillors who will act in the best interests of the residents.

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