Shanklin Road electronic speed indicator still out of action

Island Roads ‘fixed’ this a week or so ago having been notified some 3 months ago. It died again at the weekend and their response has been pleasantly swift! The were informed on Sunday, inspected it yesterday and, in an email received after midnight last night (hope the guy was on overtime!), we were told that there is a problem with either the solar panel or the sign itself and a new job has been set up “for further investigations”. Hope this does not mean “kicked into the long grass”! It is my impression that many signs like this all over the island are out of action.

Given that we are now well into the tourist season, the increased traffic and also many more users of the Red Squirrel trail, hopefully it will not be too long before this speed deterrent is fixed and the chances of a nasty accident on this junction are reduced.

NOTE: Still no news on the arrival of the 20 mph signs for the centre of Godshill.

1 thought on “Shanklin Road electronic speed indicator still out of action”

  1. Colin

    Another THREE MONTHS have passed and still no action by Island Roads. It is now SIX MONTHS since this was first reported. Based on this, any bets on how long it will take them to put the new 20 mph speed limit in place?

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