UKOG planning to drill alongside Whitwell Road

It was revealed at the communications event held at Newclose on Monday 16 December that UK Oil and Gas (UKOG) plan to sink an exploratory drill hole south-west of the village. The exact location is in a field on the west side of the Whitwell Road between Beacon Alley and Road Road junctions. They state that the development is not in the AONB area and that it is 400 metres from the nearest habitation in Merryl Lane. Close inspection of Google Maps might suggest that the houses on Roud Road may well be slightly nearer to the proposed drilling site entrance.

If the Isle of Wight Council grant them planning permission, the drilling would first take place in Arreton before moving on to Godshill. This would mean that the Arreton project could start in 2020 with the possibility of the Godshill project not starting until 2023 or later.

UKOG have provided a ‘community engagement’ document, CLICK HERE to read it.

The Frack-Free IoW team are monitoring all information closely and you can find out how to keep in touch with them – CLICK HERE.

Additionally, there is an extensive report and comments about the communications event on the 16th to be found on the ‘Drill or Drop?’ website – CLICK HERE.

29 Dec – The County Press has further details on its website – CLICK HERE.

29 Dec – map added.


3 thoughts on “UKOG planning to drill alongside Whitwell Road”

  1. Avatar
    Marilyn O’LOUGHLIN

    The people of the Isle of Wight DO NOT WANT THIS. However you look at it, it’s still drilling and we sure as hell don’t want or need it!!!

  2. Colin Mansell

    Yesterday, on their website, The Motley Fool ran a piece on UKOG shares. In it they state:

    “In mid-December, UKOG unveiled plans to install two exploration drills at privately owned sites at Arreton and Godshill on the Isle of Wight. This will require planning permission, but if granted, flow-testing should start in Autumn 2020. UKOG expects the sites would be in operation for 25 years and if successful, each site might generate £0.5bn during its lifetime. It’s very early days and there are many factors to consider, including environmental concerns.”

    You can

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