UKOG to investigate drilling in Godshill

Plans to drill for fossil fuels on the Isle of Wight have moved closer today following an announcement from UK Oil and Gas (UKOG) that it intends to submit planning applications for drilling sites in Arreton and Godshill.

UKOG, which holds a petroleum exploration development licence, has carried out tests at the sites — one between Merstone and Arreton and the other south west of Godshill.

A UKOG spokesperson said there would be no fracking and no pollution of the surrounding area. He also said the drilling would not cause earthquakes, after tremors were reported at another drilling site.

The spokesperson said:

“We are not fracking. Our well will involve drilling a small 6ins diameter hole, the size of a small domestic drainpipe, which will be lined with steel and impermeable concrete some three-quarters of a mile or more below the surface.”

The company, which has previously clashed with Frack Free Isle of Wight over plans to drill on the Island, said it would share profits with the community if the projects were successful.

UKOG is to hold an information event for all-comers at Newclose Cricket Ground on Monday 16 December from 1-8pm. Representatives of UKOG and key experts will be on hand to explain the project and answer any questions.

The next Godshill Parish Council meeting is on Monday 2nd December at 7:30pm in Godshill Methodist Church Hall. They may have further information then.

2 thoughts on “UKOG to investigate drilling in Godshill”

  1. Colin Mansell

    The Parish Council meeting this evening did not reveal any additional information. Not only is it unclear as to the exact location of possible drilling SW of Godshill, it seems as though the location between Arreton and Merstone is also unclear. It would be good if as many people as possible could attend the UKOG information event on 16 December. We need as much information as possible out in the open.

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