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Woods Kitchen opens – Teri is back in Godshill

Woods Kitchen is the newest place to eat on Godshill High Street. Three years ago, Teri Wood handed over the running of The Essex to others, lured away by other activities. In those three years her culinary magic has been sorely missed by her many loyal patrons and any others lucky enough to find their way into The Essex.

Teri decided that she just had to return. Judging by the huge number of well-wishers on Facebook and in person, she most probably will not be short of custom. Which will mean that it will be well worth you ringing 01983 840909 for a booking.

The place inside and in the garden behind has a lovely new feel about it. All resulting from the extensive work done internally, over many weeks, by Teri and her team. What’s more, there are lovely new chairs which took forever to find their way across the Solent, delaying the opening a few days.

Besides a presence on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/WoodsKitchenIoW) and Twitter (@WoodsKitchenIoW), there is also a website in progress (https://woodskitchen.co.uk) where you can already find the exciting new menu – CLICK HERE.

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