Worsley’s opens its doors as the rain pours down outside

Despite the weather, after 30 days of hard work and determination, Worsley’s opened its doors for the first time, bang on schedule at 10 o’clock.

With a lovely smart and renovated exterior together with the extensive work to rejuvenate the thatched roof, the interior has to be seen to be believed. Now, with its entrance through the front door, where the Bat’s Wing lace shop used to exist, Worsley’s is certainly going to be a great asset to Godshill.

Jacqui and Vince have orchestrated the endeavours of a myriad of local tradesmen in far from ideal weather conditions. The thatch workers benefited early on from a few days gorgeous sunshine, enjoyed up on the scaffold by their little dog!

In just 30 days, Jacqui and Vince have turned the old and tired Bat’s Wing into a smart, gleaming yet still quaint Tea Rooms cum Bistro.

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