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For Pity’s Sake – STOP charging for the loos

From: Colin Mansell, Godshill Resident

I resigned from the Parish Council early in 2021 as I could no longer take its inability and unwillingness to communicate with and be involved with the people who live in the parish. Also, I had been chastised for suggesting that the Parish Council might charge for using the new loos as it would drive people to use the loos in the Old Smithy and the Griffin, rather than pay.

So, what did they do after I had gone? Once the new loos were in place they started charging for the loos. Councillor Pat Button who was then overseeing the new loo project happily brandished a 20p coin at a parish council meeting in the apparent belief that surely everyone had a 20p coin about their person for such occasions.

So, what has happened? People don’t have coins on them so, as has been reported by the Old Smithy and also by the Griffin, people are visiting those establishments, just to go to the loo. Others, in their desperation, are shelling out pound coins just to get into the new loos.

What is the Parish Council response? Let’s spend more money and get contactless terminals on the loos. Is their intention to make sure they can fleece our visitors.

I looked into the financing of the new loos when I was on the council. Residents were already paying a hefty five figure sum to keep the existing old loos working and the move to the modern loos would, in fact, save the residents a small amount of money. There was no real need to charge to use the new loos.

If the Parish Council are really raking in sizeable sums from the loos, should they not come clean, on a monthly basis, as to how much they are making? They should then be looking to REDUCE the council precept, the extra loading that residents pay for parish council expenditure.

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