Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get to Godshill by public transport?

Yes! In fact 2 bus routes, both travelling between Newport and Ryde, but by slightly different routes, pass through the centre of Godshill. So, you will not need to wait long for a bus! You can reach Godshill from central London in a little over 3 hours by public transport, which may well be quicker than travelling by car.

How did Godshill get its name?

All Saints Church dates largely from the 14th century and is the fourth on this site. The Godshill legend has it that in the 7th century, stones being used to build a church in a field ‘moved themselves’ at night to the top of the hill, the site of earlier pre-christian worship and this lead to the church being built on top of the hill, hence the name Godshill.

An alternative idea is that the name dates back to much earlier times when it was referred to as the hill of the gods, or Gods’ Hill.

How far is Godshill from Shanklin?

Shanklin to Godshill is about 4.5 miles. The typical driving time is just a little over 10 minutes taking the route along the A3020. The number 2 bus takes you from Shanklin Bus Station to Godshill High Street in just 12 minutes.

What is the Godshill Legend?

There have been a number of variations on the Godshill Legend. However, they all revolve around the same set of happenings over the space of a few days back in the seventh century when the largely Saxon inhabitants of the Isle of Wight were converted to the Christian faith.

Attempts to build a place of worship in a field in the village were thwarted on a number of occasions when, overnight, the stones being used to build the church ‘moved themselves’ to a different site on top of the hill.

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What is there to see and do in Godshill?

Unlike most other villages and towns on the Isle of Wight, Godshill has a huge free car park (much of it courtesy of The Old Smithy) and free public conveniences.

Amongst the abundance of thatched roofs you will find many tearooms with delightful gardens, an assortment of small shops, pubs & restaurants, and, of course, the famous Model Village and the historic All Saints Church on top of the hill.

Godshill is also an excellent place for walking and cycling – everything from short flat strolls to more challenging hills to the south and east. Oh, and we also have lots of lovely places for visitors to stay!

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