Godshill Christmas Tree 2022

Godshill – Our Christmas Tree

Godshill has its own Christmas tree on the High Street. It was erected and dressed by residents a few days ago and sits in the grounds of the Olive Garden, across the road from the Taverners.

A few months ago a number of residents who are members of Godshill Residents And Business Association (GRABA) suggested that the tradition of a Godshill Christmas tree should be revived. In recent years, there has been an excellent illuminated display outside Woods Kitchen.

The GRABA admin team approached the Parish Council ahead of their November meeting and plans were set in place with the Parish Council covering any unmet costs. GRABA was tasked with finding a location and the Parish Council with providing the tree and lights. Fortunately, the anonymous resident whose donations have provided Godshill with Christmas trees in the past, agreed to cover the cost of the tree and to do similar in future years. GRABA was very pleased that Danny Palmer, the owner of the Olive Garden, was only too happy to help by providing an excellent location for the tree.

Members of GRABA provided the lights and also erected and dressed the tree. The sturdy base was provided by Neil Lilley of NDL Event Power Solutions.

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