Godshill Play Park – YOU can now make it happen!

It was the brainchild of Nikki Colinson-Phenix some 6 years ago. She founded the Play Park Project and embarked on her mission to bring FUN FOR ALL for the families of our island and located in Godshill. The location is to be Central Mead, a  glorious, tree-lined open space in the centre of Godshill.

The project has huge support across the island as has been illustrated by the two planning applications for the project. Parents recognise that The Godshill Play Park Project can be an exciting and FREE RESOURCE, in our countryside village, for everyone – as Nikki keeps reminding us – FUN FOR ALL!

Now is the time for one final push to get the project over the finishing line and for construction of the QUARTER OF A MILLION POUND play park to begin.


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With planning permission now in place, the remaining piece of the jigsaw is to show, through your donations, that there is great local support for this project. The project needs:




Nikki is OVER HALF WAY to the target of £20,000 needed as the project’s local contribution. NOW is the time for all of us who have expressed our support by way of Facebook, Twitter and letters to the IoW Planning Department, to, as they say, “put our money where our mouth is”.

There are very many hundreds of you out there who have said that you want the play park to happen. You can ensure that Nikki clears the final big hurdle RIGHT NOW by going to the new GoFundMe page and donating to the project. So, show your support by going to:


Please remember that it is the NUMBER OF DONATIONS that matters as much as the amount of each donation. Wide-spread support for the project is as essential. You can show your support for the project with a simple ONE POUND donation – every personal donation counts and is important to the project.

If you run a business on the island your can also join in the FUN. You can sponsor one of the items in the play park and gain recognition for your support. In the past week or so, the first three local sponsors have come forward and had their first mentions on Facebook. They are the new eatery in Godshill, Cook + Baker, the very popular car vendor, Island Car Centre and the award-winning local general store and Tardis in Niton, Norris Family Grocers-Nisa. Your business can join them – email Nikki at




go to


and donate

or email Nikki at


to learn more about business sponsorship opportunities

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