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July Floods – You can now report them to the IoW Council

The Isle of Wight Council has now set up a system to enable residents to report any flooding that has occurred. If they gather enough evidence regarding specific flooding then they indicate that they will instigate an investigation. You can find out more information and a link to the flood investigation form at:


As if the floods were not enough, many also suffered the dust storms from the unplanted fields. Much of that debris is now probably lying in the storm drains and liable to effect residents during future rain storms.

The main areas affected in July (that we know of) were High Street, Moor View and School Crescent. There are probably other locations as well.

If every household that was affected files a flood investigation form, them there is a good chance we will get the council to investigate.

So, if you were affected or you know anyone else who was affected, get those forms into the council as soon as you can. If you’ve still got photos of the floods, they will help as well. If everyone who was affected files a form we might see some action!

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