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Anyone can become a member of Neighbourhood Watch. Members need to be committed to working alongside neighbours to help make Godshill safer, friendlier and vibrant. All members need to support Neighbourhood Watch in the spirit of its values: neighbourly, community-focused, inclusive, proactive, trusted and collaborative.

By becoming a member you take the first step to making Godshill a stronger and safer place to be. All members will receive access to crime prevention information and campaigns, support to run the Godshill scheme, monthly national newsletters, and be more equipped to tackle important issues affecting the Godshill community.

Why we should all join Neighbourhood Watch 

By becoming a member you have taken the first step to making the area that you live a stronger and safer place to be. We encourage you to connect with your neighbours and others within your community who also share your desire to help others:

Our monthly eNewsletter

“Our News” via email Our monthly newsletter is full of amazing stories about ordinary members doing extraordinary things in their communities, along with details about future campaigns, such as Neighbourhood Watch Awareness Week, our Calling Card Campaign and our Cyberhood Watch initiative. Providing you with updates on the work that the Central Support Team are doing and offering you the opportunity to get involved with local and national events.

Regular updates via our messaging service

We send you updates about important national news, campaigns and crime prevention advice, relevant to our members.

Consult your opinion

We regularly do surveys, both for our partners and for ourselves. This enables us to make sure we are providing a consistent level of support to our members and helps us identify any additional needs or content for you. We value your views and we encourage you to participate when you receive them.

Advice on how to join a scheme 

A scheme is a group of members, usually in the same road or area, which has one or more coordinators to manage the scheme and ensure that members are kept up to date with local issues. Before joining a scheme, you must first register as a member.

Access to a range of ready-made campaigns and toolkits 

We have collated a range of resources and materials, for you to use in your own schemes and communities. They tackle a range of both traditional crimes and modern and provide practical advice with materials which are available to download and print. A PowerPoint presentation is included in most of the toolkits which will enable you to use, if you wish, at group meetings or community events, to raise awareness of these crimes. The toolkits available are currently: burglary, domestic abuse, serious violence and child sex exploitation.

Crime prevention advice 

We provide awareness of types of crimes that affect our communities such as vehicle crime, elder abuse, disability hate crime, and advice on access to CCTV.

Tackling important issues that affect our communities 

Neighbourhood Watch is not just about crime awareness, it’s about supporting communities and tackling issues within them. The affect on our communities caused by Youth Isolation; Loneliness and Vulnerability is evident and we have developed this section with this in mind. Making you aware of these issues will enable you be proactive in your community to help those in our communities that need support.

Sharing local information and events 

We provide you with contact information to your Associations and local schemes and will also enable you to promote local events.

Inspiring ideas 

Our Be Inspired section has a selection of case studies which showcases the extraordinary things that ordinary people are doing as part of Neighbourhood Watch and to enhance their communities. This enables you to contact the members who did them and ask questions.

Online workshops 

We have a variety of online workshops available to members, coordinators and Associations to increase their knowledge base. We have covered subjects such as, domestic abuse, self-assessment toolkits, fundraising advice, using social media to promote your schemes and encouraging diversity in Neighbourhood Watch.

Practical benefits 

For example, exclusive discounts and offers, which we are always adding to. Currently members receive 10% discount on Co-op Home Insurance and a discount on Patlock French window locks.

Connect with Associations 

A Force or Borough Association list is available on our website, with up to date contact details. Members are advised to contact their associations if they are looking to get support for starting a scheme or joining an existing one, as not all Neighbourhood Watch schemes are listed on our system. They will also be able to support you on a more localised level.

Public Liability Insurance 

We are delighted and proud to offer PLI cover to our members, with a Limit of Indemnity of £10,000,000 per claim plus legal costs, is in place to provide relevant cover for all recognised schemes and Neighbourhood Watch volunteers carrying out their roles across England and Wales.

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