high street godshill

NOT Another Road Accident On Godshill High Street

The pile of rubble at the entrance to the Taverners is simply the result of a mis-judgement by the driver of a refuse collection vehicle when collecting from the gastropub. Emma and Tim hope to have the wall and gate post rebuilt as soon as possible.

Elsewhere on the High Street there was significant brief flooding after the torrential downpour in the early hours. This highlighted the need for the Council/Island Roads to clear the drains which are becoming clogged up with a mixture of mud and rubbish.

Visitors to the village have mentioned recently the unacceptable amount of rubbish which collects on the High Street, despite the efforts of several business owners to clear up. Being a tourist area, should the Parish Council engage someone to remove rubbish from the footpaths on a daily basis during the summer months?

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