Godshill – long on queuing, short on teas, supplies and staff!

Firstly, our thanks to the vast majority of our half-term visitors for their patience and understanding! The half-term week has been something of an eye-opener for the village. As hard as the establishments that are open have tried, everything has not been anywhere near as smooth-running as we have become used to in the past.

As most people are aware, Covid has placed a massive burden on the way in which our businesses are allowed to serve their customers. Yes, of course all of the precautions are necessary, but most places are short on space anyway and just simple social distancing causes near impossible problems.

Staffing seems to be an additional problem with most of our businesses almost pleading for people to come and work for them. At least one has not re-opened as suitably skilled staff cannot be found.

As far as we are aware, Worsley’s, The Hollies and Leal’s will not be re-opening in 2021. This has placed a huge burden on the other establishments providing visitors with nourishment. It is to be hoped that Roger can get Cook + Baker open before the summer holidays, not only because we locals miss his array of innovative delicacies.

We hear that Tim and Emma are literally bending over backwards at the Taverners to accommodate all of their booked customers and more. Plus the Griffin has had its trials and tribulations with ageing infrastructure (now resolved, well done!) and having to limit food to inside only through what appears to be the same problem as elsewhere, unable to find the right staff.

If all of this has not been enough for everyone to deal with, running out of supplies has seen the likes of the Old World Tearooms and Gardens having no option but to close early as they had run out of all the basics.

Following is a brilliantly written plea from the Griffin, on behalf of the hospitality industry, posted on Facebook this morning:

When you’re in a pub, restaurant, bar or café and things are out of stock, a bit slow, or generally less than perfect. Please have a little think before you kick off at the staff.

Your mate who decided they didn’t want to go back to their job driving a lorry…. They didn’t deliver your favourite beer or food… that’s why it’s not available.

Your friend’s kid who stayed at Tesco and didn’t go back behind the bar, that’s why the service is a bit slow, they’re a person down.

The chef you know who became a gardener and now prefers flowers to flour, they are why your lunch is taking a bit longer, because the person who did come back is on their own, hot, tired and doing their best.

So, when it’s not all perfect, think about the person you’re about to rant at or be rude to, because whilst they may not be your mate, your friend’s kid, or that chef-gardener you know. They are a person; a person who did come back, let’s be forgiving, understanding and kind and get our amazing hospitality industry back on its feet- please.

Do spread this message and be prepared to expect things to take that little bit longer – thank you.

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