Godshill Rethink

Valentines Day + 1 – Show Your Love for Godshill

Godshill Rethink is being launched at the Taverners at 6.30pm on 15th of February. Godshill Rethink is Godshill’s answer to the ‘mission to zero’ – reducing carbon – AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!

There are lots of benefits available, if, as a village, we work together. WE CAN:

Save money
Improve health
Grow our own food
Build a more resilient community

We have the chance right now to build the village/community we want. Join the conversation, tell us the things you would like to do, your passions and interests. Tell us your worries and issues and together we can come up with solutions, accessing the grants and funding to help us put it all into practice.

Some of the possibilities suggested so far are:

A Community Farm/allotments
A Warm Space
Improved village shop
Community events
Radlett clubs (yogs, tai chi etc)
Community fridge
Youth activities
Increased nature
Solar panels, heat exchange and insulation
for those on benefits or pensions (conditions may apply)

We have experts from all these areas coming to talk to us about the possibilities but mostly they are coming to listen to your thoughts on what you want.

The Taverners are providing some snacks, an Isle of Wight Company is offering a glass of gin and tonic.

Share your thoughts and support the ideas of others!
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