Community Centre? Maybe yes, but surely not this one!

Fifteen months ago, out of the blue (for almost all of us!), the parish council submitted a planning application to build a community centre and play park on Central Mead. The application was withdrawn and we now discover that it is soon to be re-submitted with modifications to the originally planned building. The parish council do have the plans on their website but you have to hunt to find them! CLICK HERE and we’ll take you directly to them.

We understand that the play park is to be funded by a lottery grant and that the community centre is to be funded by what is left of the money from the sale of the village hall and either borrowing by the parish council or possibly other grants, if they can be found.

Several years ago, the parish council and the village hall charity management team gave a rather confusing presentation at an open meeting and carried out what can kindly be referred to as “minimal” research into village interest in a replacement for the village hall. In all that time, we understand, no other research has been carried out, no projected costs have been suggested (we think they are in the region of HALF A MILLION POUNDS!) and no business plan for running a community centre has been presented.

Whilst the building in no way can be considered to be a Community Centre, it is hoped that the planning permission will be granted so that the 21st century Play Park can go ahead. Without a business plan and solid backing from the village, the Community Centre is unlikely to attract funding  and so is probably some years away from even being started. It is to be hoped that common sense will prevail and a proper plan for a Community Centre is tabled.

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