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Godshill Parish Council – New Website – godshill.org.uk

The Parish Council has launched a new community website – godshill.org.uk

This website is developed and maintained under the auspices of Godshill Parish Council and aims to provide everything you need to know about our village.

In addition to details about the Parish Council and its activities, in time, you will be able to find the latest parish news, the parish calendar, and information and links to everything that is available or happening in the parish.

However, the Parish Council cannot source all of the information itself and is dependent on those who live in and work in the parish for information on their activities and interests.

The Parish Council is also using Facebook and Twitter to make more timely information that is of local interest, search for @GodshillPC.

The Parish Council is having to use Zoom for its meetings as it cannot hold its usual face-to-face meetings in the Methodist Hall. If you wish to join in the next meeting at 7:30pm on Monday 5 October you must call the Clerk on 07528 339937 and give him your name and email address.

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