island gemsisland gems

Island Gems

A wide variety of fossils, minerals, gemstones, crystals and jewellery with a rock and gem theme, also fossil hunts.

  • 01983 740493
  • The Cottage, Godshill, PO38 3HZ
cider barncider barn

The Cider Barn

As well as our own cider, ginger beer, country wines and liqueurs, we also stock a wide rance of Isle of Wight products.

  • High Street, Godshill, PO38 3HZ
westmead teddieswestmead teddies

Westmead Teddies

This gorgeous little shop has everything and anything to do with lovely cuddly teddy bears. There are literally hundreds of the little creatures together with all the accessories you could want.

  • 01983 840643
  • The Tuck Shop, High Street, Godshill, PO38 3HH