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Major works on Bow Bridge to close Godshill to through traffic for 3 weeks

For a 3 weeks from Monday 27 January, strengthening work on Bow Bridge will close the A3020. It could stretch to 4 weeks if there are poor weather conditions or other issues prolong the work.

Without this major road works, Bow Bridge would need to have a significant weight restriction. This would mean that everything over the size of a large transit would be banned.

Island Roads report that as the listed bridge is narrow, it is not possible to close one lane at a time and allow alternate direction traffic on the other lane.

During the closure, a major diversion will be in place. Traffic will be routed from Whiteley Bank via Canteen Road, Apse Heath and Arreton to Blackwater. It is proposed to have on-street parking restrictions on Ventnor Road, Apse Heath, to prevent traffic backing up to the Apse Heath roundabout.

We are awaiting a reply from Southern Vectis as to how they are going to continue to provide route 2 and 3 services during this period.

CLICK HERE for more information on the Island Roads website.

5 thoughts on “Major works on Bow Bridge to close Godshill to through traffic for 3 weeks”

  1. Colin Mansell

    Southern Vectis Customer Services have provided me with the following information:

    “I have been informed by our depot management team that we will be running a shuttle service between Dubbers and Wroxall.

    The times are still being worked out by our commercial team but I have been assured that no one will be left behind when this closure officially kicks in.

    As soon as the details have been finalised, we’ll post all the information on our website for customers to see so they can plan accordingly.”

  2. Avatar

    I was told by Southern Vectis yesterday that they & Island Road were in a meeting to discuss this situation and details of the bus arrangements would be put on their website afterwards. I am still waiting as I need to know how to get to Shanklin without having to go to Wroxall as I was told.

  3. Colin Mansell

    Hi Derek

    Thanks for the information. Yes, they are cutting it a bit fine with the planning and information. I would hope that the shuttle will stop at all the normal stops between Godshill and Wroxall. In which case, it ought to be possible to change buses at Whiteley Bank crossroads. The only snag is that it’s about a 180 metre walk if you are going to Shanklin and about 130 metres if you are changing to come back from Shanklin.

    My guess is that neither Island Roads or Southern Vectis would suggest this since, even though one of the four roads will have little traffic, the others will be very busy.

  4. Colin Mansell

    I have just phoned Southern Vectis on 0330 0539 182. They do not have any additional details and do not know when they will have details! It was implied that there would be no further information today.

  5. Colin Mansell

    Full details of the Shuttle Bus can be found at

    It appears that the only guaranteed simple connection which enables ‘convenient’ travel between Godshill and Shanklin is at the end of the shuttle journey at Wroxall Church. This means that your journey will then be via Ventnor with the journey time increasing from about 15 minutes to 45 minutes.

    A ‘not to be advised’ alternative is to hop off the shuttle at Whiteley Bank, walk the 200 yards to the route 2 bus stop and wait for the next bus. It is unclear as to how long you might have to wait! If anyone tries this, it would be good to know how dangerous it is and the typical wait time.

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