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Norris Family Grocers to deliver to Godshill

Following concerted efforts by some Godshill residents, Norris Family Grocers have been persuaded to go even more miles and make deliveries to the village. A few Godshill deliveries were made yesterday to help out those who were running out of essentials.

Wayne Norris has set up a delivery service to help in the current crisis and he hints that it may well continue afterwards. They currently cover Niton, Whitwell, Chale, St Lawrence and to the Junction of Gills Cliff Road, Ventnor. Godshill will add many more miles for his small band of deliverers.

There is a special email address on which to place orders – and deliveries to Godshill are likely to be on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

To discover the very latest information on how to order, delivery days, payment method and other details, Wayne has added an automatic reply to this email address. The reply is updated frequently. So, simply email their address and you will get all of the latest information. No need to place an order in the first instance to get the information.

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