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Parish Council continues to ignore the residents

Whilst the two new parish councillors have not, as yet, attended a parish council meeting, nothing has changed. The next parish council meeting takes place tomorrow evening (you need to provide your Covid negative certificates to attend – so probably no public attendance as a result). As yet, draft minutes of the last TWO parish council meetings are yet to be published on either the noticeboard or on the woefully out of date website.

Much effort was put into persuading the parish council to adopt an effective and modern website with the only councillor to vote against a new website being the then chairman, Alison Child. The parish clerk, Gareth Hughes, also stated at the time that he was against moving to a new website. These two named persons seem to have done nothing to change their opposition to better communication with residents and the website is sadly lacking.

But, perhaps. the village does not deserve any better. We were unable to find a full six people willing to put their names forward to be parish councillors. Only 5 stood, one of those not actually living in the parish, and so we did not have an election. So we must be quite happy for them to take £40,000 a year from us in our council taxes and spend it without making any effort to discuss it with us.

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