godshill model village

Spring has sprung – Godshill Model Village is now open!

What a great treat for Godshill’s early season visitors – Stuart and Penny have opened the doors at Godshill Model Village a tad earlier this year. Here’s hoping the weather turns and we have some gorgeous spring sunshine.

It is something of a miracle that Fred and Martin have managed to get the village and all its occupants looking so splendid given the atrocious weather we’ve had. We’ve not seen it ourselves but they’ve probably got the only stripey lawns in Godshill, if not the whole island!

Another little something we’ve just discovered, you can get a season ticket to the model village. So, if you are lucky enough to live in the village, or close by, you can pop in there on a regular basis and enjoy everything they have to offer. The model village is not just for those visiting the island. It is as much a treat for those of us lucky enough to be living here!

CLICK HERE to go to the Model Village website.

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