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Central Mead – Planning Application – Withdrawn

In an e-mail dated 27 April 2020 and confirmed by the Isle of Wight Council in a letter of the same date, it was stated that this planning application has been withdrawn.

No other details are currently available.

Godshill Parish Council submitted the planning application for the demolition of the existing dilapidated pavilion building, its replacement by a community centre, the upgrade and extension of the existing access road, the creation of a car park and the creation of an extensive play area with play equipment.

A team of residents and friends have been working tirelessly for a considerable time to raise funds for the creation of a totally modern play area.

The Parish Hall charity still has in the region of £100,000 from the sale of the old parish hall. It was planned that this money would be a contribution towards this project.

Hopefully all is not lost and a way forward can be found.


2 thoughts on “Central Mead – Planning Application – Withdrawn”

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    Nikki Collinson-Phenix

    The application has been withdrawn due to a temporary delay in the funding bid due to Covid 19 and will be picked back up in all it’s glory as soon as the current situation settles. There is nothing more to read into this than that I’m afraid! The park will be built just perhaps a little later than we hoped but in the grand scheme of the current situation there are bigger issues right now in the world to resolve. All is good!

  2. Colin Mansell

    Just seen great news from the Godshill Play Park – Fundraising Page on Facebook – thanks, Nikki

    Hi everyone, I hope this finds you and your family well!
    We just wanted to update you on all things play park! As you know, most of our funding was coming from our bid with the National Lottery Community Fund and the rest from our own fundraising initiatives.
    Our planning application has been submitted and has been progressing really well! We just have a few things left to iron out and then we can really get proceeding!
    Due to the Covid issues, we have recently been contacted by the Lottery Fund to advise us that all non covid bids have been postponed for 6 months whilst they focus all their attention on funding covid projects only, which is completely understandable.
    For that reason and whilst we continue to work out our planning application we have made the decision to withdraw the official application so that we can work on it whilst waiting for the funding to restart again.
    Once we have the green light to go again when everything has settled, we will be picking everything back up and continuing our mission to bring Godshill this incredible play park!
    Also once we are able to, please keep your eye out on this page as we will be posting here our next fundraising events!
    Lets hope that’s not too far off! We had very much hoped to be opening the park for you all this summer, but along with the whole world, there are many things that have had to be postponed and what is the most important right now is the health and wellness of our friends and family!
    Thank you all for your continued support of the Godshill Play Park Project and we hope to be back on the wagon soon!!
    Keep your fingers crossed for us that we don’t have to wait too long!!”

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