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Green Island Veg Economy – GIVE Godshill

Across the island there are locations where you can swap all sorts of plants and associated items and we have a GIVE Godshill on the Newport Road close to the junction with Yarborough Close.

As at 45 minutes ago there are Chives, Tomatoes and pots. None can be put aside – first come first served. If you have any surplus plants, seeds or seedlings, please feel free to add them so others can benefit. ?

Find out more about the Green Island Veg Economy on Facebook.

Green Island Veg Economy (GIVE) is a page dedicated to all things which can be grown at home or on your allotment and the insects and creatures who join you. it is a place to share knowledge, tips advice and photos. The end result is the hope that hundreds, if not thousands of you here on the IOW will grow your own, and share surplus crops. You can do this by leaving items in your front garden for others to collect for free. in the midst, and in the wake of the current pandemic, imagine how amazing that would be….to walk down the street and be able to collect fresh veg. The IOW was awarded with UNESCO Biosphere status in 2019 let’s build on that and make the Island as self sufficient as possible too ??????

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