rights of way

IoW Rights of Way team don’t hang around!

The Isle of Wight Council Rights of Way team were emailed late Thursday afternoon with the above image and location details. Just 22 hours later, a return email informed us that the path was now clear! Thanks, guys!

rights of way cleared

The trees fell in the Beech Copse which is at the southern end of footpath GL57 below where it meet the bridleway GL56. This is a popular walking route for locals and visitors alike with the council having built impressive steps and boardwalk just above this point a few years ago. The northern end of GL57 is at the bottom of Hollow Lane next to the Griffin pub. It runs some half a kilometer up Tottle Bottom Valley through the Beech Copse to the GL56 Bridleway. Head west to Sainham Farm and you can walk back along the road to the village. Head east to Godshill Park Farm and you have another route back to the village.

tree rings

Anyone good at counting tree rings? How old was this tree?

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