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Southern Vectis suggest ‘risky’ change for passengers

It is to be hoped that the suggestion made by Southern Vectis on Twitter this evening will be re-visited. Anyone who knows the Whiteley Bank roundabout intimately will question the idea that it is reasonable for pedestrians to seek to cross the various roads at any time of the day. This is a roundabout where pedestrians are never seen and are not reasonably catered for.

The Twitter post suggests that a passenger can get off the route 3 shuttle at the stop on the road to Wroxall. In order to then pick up the next bus on either route 2 or 3 heading towards Newport, they would have to walk to the roundabout and be prepared to dash to the bus stop for an approaching route 2 or 3 bus arriving from different directions. It would take a reasonable sprint to reach either stop in time, even if there was no traffic.

Southern Vectis should be advising that the safe way to take a bus from Godshill to Newport is to take the route 3 shuttle to Wroxall Church and then change to the route 3 bus which connects. The only drawback is that this route 3 bus then goes on a rather circuitous route to Newport via Apse Heath, Arreton, Merstone and Rookley.

One has to be thankful that this is only for 3 or 4 weeks.

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