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Godshill girls in IoW Junior Cross Country Championships

Godshill girls did the primary school proud with three outstanding performances in the Isle of Wight Junior Cross Country Championships at the weekend.

Sophie was the school’s representative in the year 6 race and found herself up against a very strong field including many club runners who had competed for their clubs in the Hampshire and Vectis Championships on the mainland the previous weekend. Undaunted, Sophie fought hard and kept pace with leading runners to end up with a superb 12th place finish.

It was Isabelle’s turn in the year 3 girls race and not only did she see herself amongst the leading bunch, she came away with the bronze trophy for her wonderful third place finish.

But it was to be Sophie’s younger sister, Daisy, who stole the show! Daisy had to wait until the end of the event for her year 2 girls race. By that time, this little bundle of energy had already run the course and spent 2 hours running around with excitement! As soon as the gun went off Daisy stormed through the field. She sprinted the entire 2000m course! She finished in first place in a time of 11:09, a full 73 seconds ahead of the silver medalist. As a result, Daisy has been crowned Isle of Wight Year 2 Girls Junior Cross Country Champion 2020!

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